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The Death Of A Judge

The Death Of A Judge

September 20, 2020

What all of the fighting over the question of a Supreme Court nomination is revealing about the state of our country today.

Who is the final arbiter of what is Constitutional in our country? 

Does the Preamble of the Constitution delegate permissions to the government?

What can the people do about a government operating outside its allowable boundaries?

Is it about time we end the "royal treatment" our politicians and bureaucrats receive?

Tyranny In Our Country

Tyranny In Our Country

September 13, 2020

The modern-day tyranny of the state and local governments.

Is giving away stimulus money allowed by the Constitution of the United States?

If Congress is breaking the law, who carries out the charging and punishment?

Why don't the looters and rioters "walk the walk?"

True Racism in America

True Racism in America

September 6, 2020

Is it time for Joe Biden to withdraw from his Presidential campaign?

Does racism really exist in America and if so, where?

How to fix the racism that is practiced every day.

How the Left is using racism to distract and cover an agenda of Socialism in our country.

A Voters’ Quorum

A Voters’ Quorum

August 30, 2020

We have two political parties in our country whose goals are essentially the same: tell you how to live your own life.

How implementing a Voters' Quorum would break the two-party system and move power and control back to the people.

Many Americans are sensing a "general unrest" in the country today, why is this happening?

Why are so many ordinary issues becoming politicized in our country?

The Tyranny of the COVID Cult

The Tyranny of the COVID Cult

August 23, 2020

Yet another study concludes that asymptomatic transmission of COVID is practically negligible.

How tyrants are using COVID to satisfy their lust for power and control.

Who is really being selfish in this whole COVID public hysteria?

How the sweet taste of power over others can be addicting.

Are We in the Middle of a Mass Hysteria?

Are We in the Middle of a Mass Hysteria?

August 16, 2020

Is the COVID pandemic nothing more than an overreaction to a virus and if so, is that indicative of it being a "Mass Hysteria?"

Do the people still hold sovereignty in the United States today? Did "We, the People" replace the King of England?

If we are getting the same outcomes no matter which political party is in office, does it really matter which party holds the majority?

Are politicians from both political parties doomed to repeat the hypocrisy of each other?

Black Lives Matter Burning Bibles in Portland

Black Lives Matter Burning Bibles in Portland

August 9, 2020

Are black "leaders" really leading when all they do is show up to protest but don't do anything to really help those they claim they are helping?

Black Lives Matter showed up on Twitter burning Bibles in Portland. What would Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. say about this sort of thing?

If you're wearing a mask during a remote television interview, then you are virtual signaling.

Are the two major political parties really doing anything of substance?

Who is Sovereign in America?

Who is Sovereign in America?

August 2, 2020

The King of England was sovereign over the people of the colonies. After the Revolutionary War, the people became sovereign.

In a crisis, does the government take over as the sovereignty of the country or does it still remain with the people?

Florida's Governor has announced an investigation into the extremely questionable rates of positive cases of COVID.

How the COVID hysteria is a "crisis" not being allowed to "go to waste" in pushing for mail-in voting. 

The Real Number of COVID Hospitalizations

The Real Number of COVID Hospitalizations

July 26, 2020

How the COVID vaccine will not be 100% effective and safe despite the mainstream media's assurances. 

How voting with your mask is more representative than unelected bureaucratic mandates.

Why "Black Lives Matter" should really be called "Black Dollars Matter."

Who is directing the COVID public hysteria?

Science and Your Freedom

Science and Your Freedom

July 19, 2020

A story out of Florida blows the lid off their COVID positive case totals.

Bringing some reality to the COVID issue, I give you the real fatality statistics.

I explain why you don't want your freedom and liberty based on science.

We wrap up the program this week by identifying the real infection of America (and in a larger sense, the world).

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