Recode Knoxville and Zoning Laws in General, Can the Government Posses Powers the People Don’t Have?, Should Government Spend Money for Public Art?

March 17, 2019

Knoxville is rewriting its zoning laws which begs the question, what business is it of government what you do with your own private property? Following this line of reasoning, can the government possess powers that even the people, from whom it claims to derive its power, don't even enjoy? Wrapping up the program, should the government be spending taxpayer's money on public art?

Control Freaks, Who Should be Fighting in a War? Voting on Laws, and What Lies Ahead?

March 10, 2019

Who are these people seeking to control others? Who should we be sending to fight wars... or should we even be fighting wars in the first place? How many laws should the citizens be voting on or should Congress be doing it? With all these questions in mind, what does the future hold?

Stupid TN Laws, Trump’s Emergency, and Trade Deals

March 3, 2019

Legislation in Knoxville, TN to require locking pill bottles. Also is Trump's Emergency Declaration even legal? We take a look at who should be negotiating Trade Deals, the President? And to wrap up the program this week: a new tax "on the table" for Knox County residents.