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The New Boss Same As The Old Boss

The New Boss Same As The Old Boss

January 24, 2021

Biden started off his first day as President issuing unconstitutional Executive Orders... much like all Administrations have since George Washington.

How liberals only defend private business decisions when they're banning conservatives and other liberal agenda items.

Blind and unquestioned acceptance of government policies and dictates only leads to more tyranny.

Why a federal government works better in the United States than the present national one.

Protesting Trump or His Policies?

Protesting Trump or His Policies?

January 17, 2021

How the government secretly taxes your money without you realizing it.

Why I don't defend Trump as much as people think I should.

Do we really need a bunch of government nannies telling us how to live?

Protesting people or elections, which should we be doing?


The Scourge of Political Parties

The Scourge of Political Parties

January 10, 2021

Was the Capital overrun by Anti-fa or Trump supporters... or both?

If Trump had Reagan's personality, he would have been easily reelected.

Political parties and their sole business of revenge.

Your political "friends" are not your real friends.


Mask Hyperphobia

Mask Hyperphobia

January 3, 2021

Why are some people hyperphobic over mask use when the numbers don't back up their fears?

Why defend a mask-carry law and not defend a gun-carry law?

Our children are learning to bully and intimidate others from watching their parents and the news.

How the government has ensured that you cannot hold anyone legally liable if you have an adverse reaction to a COVID vaccine.

The Christmas Truce of 1914

The Christmas Truce of 1914

December 27, 2020

The electrical utilities and the free market.

The America your grandparents knew versus our America today.

The Christmas Truce of 1914 and why it's important to us.

If you're tired of government and the constant fighting, you can choose not to participate.

Is Trump’s Worst Enemy, Trump?

Is Trump’s Worst Enemy, Trump?

December 20, 2020

The Texas Supreme Court lawsuit and why you don't want it taking these cases and making these decisions.

Why did Trump lose his reelection bid?

Why did Reagan endure four years of personal and political attacks and still have a landslide reelection?

The opportunity to ensure your children are educated in personal freedom and liberty.

Fight Tyranny in All Forms

Fight Tyranny in All Forms

December 13, 2020

Why we should start referring to some Republicans as "Socialist Republicans".

The conservative surprise when government tyranny comes to their towns and businesses.

Why do the followers of the COVID Cult excuse and even defend the actions of their leaders?

Are Executive Orders constitutional? Are health mandates allowed under state constitutions?


Even Our Founders Had Tyrannical Tendencies

Even Our Founders Had Tyrannical Tendencies

December 6, 2020

During the Constitutional Convention, our Founders engaged in some questionable actions in scrapping the Articles of Confederation.

How the Constitution was put together under strict orders of secrecy to keep the truth about what was happening from the public.

What is the real purpose of the military in America? How does it differ than the military objectives of other countries?

Walter E. Williams, A great economist and brilliant scholar, Rest in Peace.

Why is Governing Yourself Not An Option?

Why is Governing Yourself Not An Option?

November 29, 2020

Learning to recognize and deal with mini-tyrants in your life keeps you from becoming one.

Just worrying about governing yourself is the answer to happiness and satisfaction in life.

Allowing the people freedom isn't the normal way of governing in the world.

Has our Executive Branch and more specifically, the President become a tyrannical office?


Why Possible Vote Fraud Matters

Why Possible Vote Fraud Matters

November 22, 2020

Why the legitimacy of our voting is critical to the continuity of our republic.

Politics and anger seem to be what's driving our country now.

How to fix the problem of excessive anger and rage in our political system.

Why working with what we have may be the answer to more personal freedom and liberty. 

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