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Black Lives Matter Burning Bibles in Portland

Black Lives Matter Burning Bibles in Portland

August 9, 2020

Are black "leaders" really leading when all they do is show up to protest but don't do anything to really help those they claim they are helping?

Black Lives Matter showed up on Twitter burning Bibles in Portland. What would Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. say about this sort of thing?

If you're wearing a mask during a remote television interview, then you are virtual signaling.

Are the two major political parties really doing anything of substance?

Who is Sovereign in America?

Who is Sovereign in America?

August 2, 2020

The King of England was sovereign over the people of the colonies. After the Revolutionary War, the people became sovereign.

In a crisis, does the government take over as the sovereignty of the country or does it still remain with the people?

Florida's Governor has announced an investigation into the extremely questionable rates of positive cases of COVID.

How the COVID hysteria is a "crisis" not being allowed to "go to waste" in pushing for mail-in voting. 

The Real Number of COVID Hospitalizations

The Real Number of COVID Hospitalizations

July 26, 2020

How the COVID vaccine will not be 100% effective and safe despite the mainstream media's assurances. 

How voting with your mask is more representative than unelected bureaucratic mandates.

Why "Black Lives Matter" should really be called "Black Dollars Matter."

Who is directing the COVID public hysteria?

Science and Your Freedom

Science and Your Freedom

July 19, 2020

A story out of Florida blows the lid off their COVID positive case totals.

Bringing some reality to the COVID issue, I give you the real fatality statistics.

I explain why you don't want your freedom and liberty based on science.

We wrap up the program this week by identifying the real infection of America (and in a larger sense, the world).

Mask Use While Still Respecting Private Property Rights

Mask Use While Still Respecting Private Property Rights

July 12, 2020

How would wearing masks work in a country where private property and individual Rights were still respected (as we used to in the United States)?

If you claim to be protecting others while only wearing a mask, you're only half-right.

How claims of "protecting public health" are used to limit your Rights.

Why you don't want the government mandating anything to the people of this country.

Mask Mandate Madness

Mask Mandate Madness

July 5, 2020

Can an unelected and unaccountable Board of Health legitimately issue mandates to the people?

Derailing the economy didn't work using environmental treaties so now the socialists are using a corona virus.

"Unmasking" the deception behind the attempts to use COVID-19 to continue inducing a public panic.

The reasons why a second "lockdown" in this country may not succeed in being implemented without a fight.

Tyrannical Hypocrisy

Tyrannical Hypocrisy

June 28, 2020

The very people demanding less government tyranny seem to be the ones who are the first to implement it when they get themselves into seats of power.

How getting your news from reading is so much better than having it poured into your brain through the television or radio.

Why we're never going to get rid of racism, discrimination, and other bad behaviors from human beings.

Defunding the police? How private police forces are making a positive difference.

How Freedom Can Fix America

How Freedom Can Fix America

June 21, 2020

Rayshard Brooks was unnecessarily killed and freedom would have prevented it from happening in the first place.

How we should be fighting back against blatant tyranny but we do not.

Will this indifferent passivism eventually lead us to another Revolutionary War?

Whose job is it to defend the Constitution: the people or the Courts?

Black Socialist Lives Matter

Black Socialist Lives Matter

June 14, 2020

Let's make it clear what Black Lives Matter really is: a socialist organization seeking to move America towards even more socialism then it already has in this country.

Personal Freedom is the answer to police and government overreach in America. Nothing else will work over the long run.

Defunding the police is fine, sheriff departments can handle the workload. Besides, we elect those people while the police are not.

Pulling together and fighting for our personal freedom and liberty will only work if we set aside the lies of power- and money-hungry leaders and focus on our country as owners of it.

Protesting Violence and Corruption in Government

Protesting Violence and Corruption in Government

June 7, 2020

If you're protesting against the violence and corruption of the police yet engage in the very same violence and corruption, then you are just as guilty as those people against whom you protest.

"Retraining" and "Re-educating" the police to respect the citizens is a fruitless measure when the government for which they work doesn't respect we, the people, in the first place.

What is the Primary Importance of America? Why are we here as a country?

If you don't understand the founding principles, then you need to learn them. If you don't respect nor believe in them, then you need to move to a country more suited to your thinking.

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