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The Corona Virus Hysteria

The Corona Virus Hysteria

March 15, 2020

"The Corona Virus Hysteria" is being used to restrict and even outright remove some of your freedoms by those who want to control the population of this country.

Others are using "The Hysteria" to profit from the fact you're being distracted and aren't watching how Congress is giving away more of our money.

None of this, incidentally, is conspiratorial.

All of this is fact and borne out by the daily news along with announcements by our government officials themselves.

We wrap up with startling facts from the CDC on the rates of infection, hospitalizations, and even deaths from the Influenza viruses A and B and how they're much, much worse than the Corona virus.

Your Birthright to Freedom

Your Birthright to Freedom

March 8, 2020

You have a birthright to freedom and liberty in this country. A birthright that Revolutionary War patriots fought hard to earn.

Don't hand this precious freedom over to any government anywhere !!

Also, defeating messages with which you do not agree.

We wrap up this week discussing the importance of respecting your individual Rights no matter the situation, even during disasters.

Who is Really Meddling in Our Elections?

Who is Really Meddling in Our Elections?

March 1, 2020

We start off the big program by finding out just exactly what government is and what it is not. Can you point out "government?"

We take a look at the Commission on Public Debates and how it is controlled by the Republican and Democrat party Establishments.

How much money is our federal government spending?

The last segment covers the proposed Constitutional Carry legislation for Tennessee.

Is The Government “Making Up” Powers for Itself?

Is The Government “Making Up” Powers for Itself?

February 23, 2020

We start with a quick review on whether or not the Federal Government should have a standing army available to it.

Is the government, at any level, federal, state, or local; is the government at any level making up powers and giving them to itself?

How do we know if this is happening? If any government in this country is exercising powers and authority that the people themselves do not have, this tells you immediately that the government is making up powers and giving them to itself.

In order to counter this tendency of government to grow and expand, we, the people, as owners of it, we are going to have to pull together and resist the temptation to be divided into groups and pitted against one another.

Our country is supposed to be different than other countries on this planet in that the people are firmly in charge and the government is subservient to us. Previous generations have allowed this situation to be reversed and we're seeing the results every day in our country.

Can We Trust The Federal Government?

Can We Trust The Federal Government?

February 16, 2020

When it comes down to our personal freedom and liberty, is there really any difference between the two major political parties? Both want governmental control over the people, just in different areas of our lives.

Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats really care about your freedom, only the government's intrusion into your life.

If the government exercises authority that not even the people have and our government is based on powers granted by the people, then from where did the government get this authority if the people don't have it?

Freedom and Liberty is Simple

Freedom and Liberty is Simple

February 9, 2020

If your country is based on individual freedom and liberty, then can "society" be the victim of a crime?

What would the patriots who fought for our independence say about our country being slowly conquered by a bunch of sissies and momma's boys in the government bureaucracy?

How does self-identifying with groups in our country play right into the government's hands?

The Great American Experiment and what it takes to keep government under control.

Is the United States a Socialist Country?

Is the United States a Socialist Country?

February 2, 2020

Despite proclamations by President Trump to the contrary, the United States is a socialist country.

If you have socialist programs, that makes you a socialist country.

Should there be a penalty for politicians voting for and signing into law, legislation that violates our Constitutional Rights?

We wrap up with the issue of whether or not John Bolton can be trusted to tell the truth.

The People Are Sovereign Over Government

The People Are Sovereign Over Government

January 26, 2020

The Virginia Gun Rally points out how even local and state governments aren't really interested in listening to the people with whom they disagree.

Too many people in our country have forgotten that they are in charge and sovereign over the government, not the other way around.

Sovereignty is retained by the people and certain limited permissions and powers are given to government but that in no way gains it sovereignty over them.

Is breaking up some states the answer to better representation?

Can You Win a War on Terrorism?

Can You Win a War on Terrorism?

January 19, 2020

Electing a President should have little to no real consequences on your daily life in a country based on the primacy of the individual over that of government as our country is supposed to be operating.

Why do we tolerate being told what to do and how to live by people who work for us?

How can the "created" (government) rule over the "creators" (the people)?

Is the government using the "War on Terror" to further strip us of our Constitutional and Natural Human Rights?

We wrap up by going over a poll showing once again, Americans overwhelming support marijuana legalization. It isn't about doing drugs, it's about freedom.

Can We Trust The Deep State?

Can We Trust The Deep State?

January 12, 2020

Patrick reveals what is really going on in the Middle East and why it isn't any of our business. The United States committed an act of war by assassinating an Iranian general. Can we trust the Deep State when it tells us he was up to no good? Can we trust the Deep State when it insists that this action saved American lives? Why is the Deep State trustworthy when it is carrying out assassinations but not trustworthy when it is investigating President Trump? Even he has said time and again the Deep State cannot be trusted.