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Running Politicians Out of Town

Running Politicians Out of Town

May 3, 2020

Should we go back to running politicians out of town when they overstep their authority?

Are we living in a different reality than our government?

How the Nazis convinced the German population to go along with giving up their Rights.

When it comes to government, do we have the roles reversed?

Traitorous Tyrants Among Us

Traitorous Tyrants Among Us

April 26, 2020

How accurate are computer modeling programs?

If the people on Wall Street cannot create an accurate computer model with all of their money, then how are the CDC models supposedly accurate enough to ruin our economy over?

Why do we have traitorous tyrants among us and what is their motivation for turning on their fellow citizens?

Do we really believe in "unalienable" Rights anymore in America?

Does the American public need a good lesson in Basic Economics?

Convenient Rights versus Constitutional Rights

Convenient Rights versus Constitutional Rights

April 19, 2020

We have an increasing acceptance of mediocrity in America despite all the blood, sweat, and tears that have been shed to make us great.

One result is the government only respecting our Rights when it's convenient.

Are we truly free if we can only practice our freedom when the government allows us to do so?

What would happen if the King of England had told the colonists that they could only run their businesses when he allowed it?

What would happen if the King of England had told the colonists they weren't allowed to be outside in groups of over 10 people until he told them they could?

Why do we allow our government employees to tell us what to do when we're supposed to be in charge and not them?

Economic Terrorism in America

Economic Terrorism in America

April 12, 2020

What is happening in our country today is no less than Economic Terrorism.

Why would normally-patriotic people participate?

The Milgram Experiment and its variations conducted over the years demonstrated time and again the willingness of people to cause severe pain and even possible death to other human beings at the directions of those in positions of perceived authority.

The liberals and their unwitting pawns are seeking to carry out Economic Terrorism against our country because of their hatred for Donald Trump and anyone who supports him.

Your Disrespectful Government Employees

Your Disrespectful Government Employees

April 5, 2020

Too often the American people forget that every single person in government, at all levels; local, state, and federal; they all work for you.

They are your employees. You are the boss.

The jury system is just one example of how the people are in charge in this country and we only supposed to answer to each other, not the government.

Government was born into slavery under the Constitution but unfortunately, we have lots of traitors in and out of government trying to set it free upon the people (even more than it already is).

The True American Spirit of Freedom

The True American Spirit of Freedom

March 31, 2020

The definition of the True American Spirit unique to our country.

What are some lessons we can take away from this whole Corona virus panic?

Has the federal government, and government at all levels, become governments of fear?

Minding your own business during the Corona scare.

Restricting Your Freedom in the Name of Safety

Restricting Your Freedom in the Name of Safety

March 22, 2020

President Trump announced that he believes the federal government should take equity positions in private companies. This idea is straight out of Communism 101.

Politicians are announcing bans on numbers of people congregating together. The very thought that certain numbers of people are "magical" depending on your jurisdiction is the very essence of lunacy.

We also look into how your personal freedom and liberty is being trampled upon by the government and is there a "political" component underlying this healthcare issue?

The Corona Virus Hysteria

The Corona Virus Hysteria

March 15, 2020

"The Corona Virus Hysteria" is being used to restrict and even outright remove some of your freedoms by those who want to control the population of this country.

Others are using "The Hysteria" to profit from the fact you're being distracted and aren't watching how Congress is giving away more of our money.

None of this, incidentally, is conspiratorial.

All of this is fact and borne out by the daily news along with announcements by our government officials themselves.

We wrap up with startling facts from the CDC on the rates of infection, hospitalizations, and even deaths from the Influenza viruses A and B and how they're much, much worse than the Corona virus.

Your Birthright to Freedom

Your Birthright to Freedom

March 8, 2020

You have a birthright to freedom and liberty in this country. A birthright that Revolutionary War patriots fought hard to earn.

Don't hand this precious freedom over to any government anywhere !!

Also, defeating messages with which you do not agree.

We wrap up this week discussing the importance of respecting your individual Rights no matter the situation, even during disasters.

Who is Really Meddling in Our Elections?

Who is Really Meddling in Our Elections?

March 1, 2020

We start off the big program by finding out just exactly what government is and what it is not. Can you point out "government?"

We take a look at the Commission on Public Debates and how it is controlled by the Republican and Democrat party Establishments.

How much money is our federal government spending?

The last segment covers the proposed Constitutional Carry legislation for Tennessee.

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